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Thanks for visiting the "Mediaview" website. We specialize in digital media preparation and manipulation, and we do it professionally.   You may ask, what exactly is "digital media".  Well, simply put, it is anything that you see or hear in an electronic form. 

  • Do you have hard-copy photos which need to be converted to digital images?
  • Do you need photos (analog or digital) modified or repaired?
  • Do you have audio sources such as cassette or micro-cassette converted to CD or digital file?
  • Do you need an assortment of images made into a movie?
  • Do you want a custom home designed for you, and a "walk-through" video made?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions; you need our services. 

With each service, your media is converted to digital media and sent to you by email, CD or DVD, depending on your request and its usage:  computer, website, DVD player, etc.  At present, our website is under construction, and we can only provide you with minimal information regarding our services. Check this site later, or please leave us an email (Contact Us).  Thanks for visiting.