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We are a small company, but we offer big quality service.  At this time, HST taxes are "not" charged and we have not yet established an "Online" payment process.  We are using the "pay-by-cheque" method of payment collection, I know, "Get with the times!", but please be assured that you will receive a "draft" copy of any service which we provide and a final approval will be needed from you before you are invoiced.  In addition, all cheques will need to be cleared "before" your purchase is released to you; sorry for the inconvenience.  Other arrangements may be made if local pick-up within the Saint John, NB area is selected. 

In any case, please feel free to call me or send me an email (see "Contact Me" page) to discuss what services you may want to use.  If you are ready to use our services, please complete the "Project Cost Form" located on the "Contact Me" page.  Even though all services are not yet online, we are here to work with you as your requests are important to us. 

Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!